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Precise and individual.

For over 35 years we have been designing individual products for our customers that impress with their quality.

Albert Himmeldirk Werkzeugbau Maschinenpark
Albert Himmeldirk Werkzeugbau Qualitätsprüfung
Albert Himmeldirk Werkzeugbau Werkzeug

Tool manufacturing

High quality tools for individual areas of application

We develop and manufacture high quality tools, individually tailored to your production options and requirements. Each of our tools is unique and is used for exactly one individual product manufacture.

Our goal is to achieve the greatest possible benefit for our customers. Our current customers mainly come from the automotive industry, where the number of components to be produced is extremely high. With our tools, we also enable comparatively inexpensive production here.

Spare parts service

We are your contact for the manufacture of high quality spare parts according to your requirements. Precise and at short notice - so that your processes are up and running again as quickly as possible.

Albert Himmeldirk Werkzeugbau Qualität
Progressive tools
Transfer tools
Multi-stage tools
Cutting tools
Forming tools
Prototype tools
Albert Himmeldirk Werkzeugbau Werkzeugteile
Albert Himmeldirk Werkzeugbau Werkzeugteile
Albert Himmeldirk Werkzeugbau Werkzeugteile
Albert Himmeldirk Werkzeugbau Werkzeugteile

From the simulation to the finished product


Before making an offer, we will advise you with our specialist knowledge and you will provide us with the desired item data record.


Based on your request and the data provided, we will create an individual offer for you.


With the help of the Pam-Stamp quality software, we create a well-founded feasibility analysis for you.


After preparing a method plan as a basis, we design your product and then present it to you.


After your approval, we manufacture the tool with the highest precision up to testing on the production press.

Albert Himmeldirk Werkzeugbau Qualitätskontrolle

Do you require a tool? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to new challenges!


Prototype parts

High-precision prototypes from a single source

To support our customers in the project phase, we manufacture high-precision prototypes in single-part production as well as small series exactly according to your specifications. Thanks to our modern machine park, all work processes are carried out under one roof.

Close-to-series prototypes

Prototype tools offer the opportunity to produce near-series parts at short notice. The knowledge gained at an early stage during production can be used for meaningful optimization in the design and later series production. This minimizes potential errors in advance.

Modern and precise

State-of-the-art technologies, reliability, flexibility and the fast implementation of your wishes are important to us.

Albert Himmeldirk Werkzeugbau Prototypenteile

We manufacture your prototypes and small series according to your specifications. Contact us.


3D laser processing

3D laser processing directly at the tool manufacturer.

With 3D lasers, we offer our customers one of the most modern forms of sheet metal processing that goes beyond mere prototype construction. With this powerful laser technology, product developments and production processes in the company can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

Sheets cut with laser have the best edge quality, do not have to be reworked and can be used ready for assembly - a great advantage. Since no tools are required for laser cutting, there are many advantages over other processes, such as punching, for smaller quantities. In this way, even smaller batch sizes become affordable series parts because the tool costs are significantly lower.

Albert Himmeldirk Werkzeugbau 3D Laser Teil

An overview of your advantages

Hohe Dynamik

High dynamic

The 3D laser not only guarantees a very fast processing time, but is also many times more dynamic than other processing methods.

Sauberer Prozess

Clean process

Material processing by laser not only offers a wear-free process, but also causes only low maintenance costs.

Kurze Rüstzeiten

Short set-up times

Since one tool can be used for all tasks, there is a significant time saving due to shorter set-up times.

Keine Nachbearbeitung

No post-processing

No post-processing is necessary with 3D lasers. This saves time and money.

With our 3D laser systems, we also have short-term capacities in this area. Please do not hesitate to contact us.